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John Wayne was Born on May 26 , 1907 in Winterset , Iowa , USA .He was offered the lead within the Dirty Dozen ( 1967 ) , but visited star in and direct The Green Berets ( 1968 ) instead.
The part was eventually given to Lee Marvin .Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from lowa to the warmer climate of southern California , where they tried ranching in the Mojave Desert.
His conservative political stance was also reflected in The Alamo ( 1960 ) , which he produced , directed and starred in .He is perhaps best remembered for his parts in Ford’s cavalry trilogy – Fort Apache ( 1948 ) , She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ( 1949 ) and Rio Grande ( 1950 ).
His production company , Batjac , was originally to be called Batjak , after the company owned by Luther Adler’s character within the film Wake of the Red Witch ( 1948 ) .Holds the record for the actor with the most leading parts – 142.In all but 11 films he played the leading part.
His favorite drink was Sauza Commemorativo Tequila , and he often served it with ice that he had chipped from an iceberg during one of his voyages on his yacht , ” The Wild Goose ” .Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1974 .
In 1973 he was awarded the Gold Medal from the National Football Foundation for his days playing football for Glendale High School and USC .He did however support Ronald Reagan’s campaigns for governor of California in 1966 and 1970 , as well as his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 .
He was voted the 5th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly .He later teamed up with director Howard Hawks to tell the story his way in Rio Bravo ( 1959 ).
He made several films early in his career as a ” singing ” cowboy . His singing voice was supplied by a singer hidden off camera .He turned down Gregory Peck’s role in Twelve O’Clock High ( 1949 ) .

We gather the most famous sayings of john wayne in urdu. We hope you enjoy these beautiful john wayne quotes in urdu.

John Wayne Quotes In Urdu


اگر آپ چاہتے ہیں کہ کوئی آپ پر تنقید نہ کرے تو کبھی کوئی نیا کام نہ کریں ۔

Agr aap chahtey hain k koi aap par tanqeed na karey tu kabhi koi nya kam na karein.


میں تین اصولوں کی پیروی کرتا ہوں : صحیح کام کریں، اپنی ممکنہ حد تک کوشش کریں ، اور کبھی جھوٹ نہ بولیں ۔

Ma teen asoolon ki perwi karta hun: Sahih kam karein, apni mumkna had tak koshish karein , aur kabhi jhoot na bolein. John Wayne Quotes In Urdu.


میں اکلوتا بچہ تھا ۔ میرے پاس صرف تنها وجود تھا ۔ لیکن میں نے محنت کبھی نہیں چھوڑی ۔

Ma aklota bacha tha , merey pas sirf tanha wajood tha , lakin ma na mehnat kabhi ni chorhi.


 سب سے بڑی غلطی جو ہم کرتے ہیں وہ ہے کسی اور کے لئے کام کرنا ، ملازمت کمپنی کی ملکیت ہوتی ہے ، ہم اپنے کیرئر کے مالک ہیں ۔

Sab sy barhi ghalti jo ham kartey hain woh hai kisi aur k lye kam karna , malazmat company ki malkiat hoti hai, ham apney carear k maalik hain.


اگر آپ اپنے آپ سے مستقل طور پر پوچھتے ہیں ، کہ اب کیا ضروری ہے ؟ تو آپ معمولی بات پر وقت ضائع نہیں کریں گے ۔

Agr ap apney ap sy mustaqil tor pr pichtey hain, k ab kya zarori hai? Tu ap mahmoli bat pr waqt zahiya nahin karein gy. John Wayne Quotes In Urdu.

Quotes Of John Wayne In Urdu

خریدنے کا انتظار نہ کریں ، زمین خریدیں اور انتظار کریں ۔

Khareedny ka intzar na karein, zameen khareedein aur intzar karein.

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Best John Wayne Quotes In Urdu

مرد سب کچھ بھول جاتے ہیں ، خواتین کو سب کچھ یاد رہتا ہے ۔

Mard sab kuch bhool jatey hain , khawateen ko sb kuch yad rehta hai.


ہر انسان دوسرے موقعے کا مستحق ہے ، لیکن اس دفعہ اس پر نگاہ رکھنا ہے

Har insan dosrey moqeh ka mustahiq hai, lakin is dafah is pr nigah rakhna hai. John Wayne Quotes In Urdu.

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